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Se le Otorga al Maestro José Luís Cortes el Título de Doctor Honoris Causa
El pasado viernes 26 de Mayo de 2017 la Universidad de Guadalajara de México le otorgó el título de Doctor Honoris Causa ante la presencia del Embajador de México en Cuba y la senadora Mexicana Laura Berizcain al maestro José Luís Cortés.
Siguanos todos los jueves en el Diablo Tun Tun
Espacio fijo todos los jueves en El Diablo TUN TUN, disfrutenos.... Todos los jueves en la noche se reune un gran público que disfruta de nuestro espectáculo, en EL DIABLO TUN TUN. esperamos muy pronto contar con usted en este mismo local..

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NG La Banda Dossier



    We have the honour to introduce you this exceptional musician, born in Villa Clara, Cuba, in October 5th, 1961, who, since his childhood, showed signs of unusual abilities for music and dance.

    José Luis Cortés was formed in Havana Art Schools and Institutes, where he developed his talent, thus becoming one of those absolutely necessary for Cuban music.

    As a flutist he joined important national groups which left their imprints in the national musical score, such as the Van Van and Irakere, until 1988, when he settled, together with other talented musicians the all-stars orchestra  NUEVA GENERACIÓN  (NG ) LA BANDA  / NEW GENERATION (NG) THE BAND  /.

    Parallel to his work as flutist, he worked away as composer orchestrated, musical director of shows, and arranger and musical producer of phonograms, labour which allow him to enjoy a well-deserved prestige. In his credit he has more than 38 awarded record productions, all favoured by the specialized critics.

    With NG LA BANDA, José Luis Cortés ("El Tosco" / "The Rough") has created by himself a new and vigorous sound in contemporary Cuban music, and the way he focuses his song’s texts has reflected the feeling of wide popular sectors, thus becoming an expert chronicler of our present-day image  

    His arrangements for brass section have impressed the whole world, being these identified as "THE METALS OF TERROR". The way he works out tumbaos, and their interrelation with rhythmic section and keyboards has allowed him to create his own personal seal, easily distinguishable, becoming the creator of the CUBAN TIMBA.

    The labour developed by José Luis Cortés and NG LA BANDA was not restricted to make people dance all over the world, but there is also a very professional work on instrumental music and Jazz where they get ovations by audiences and the most favourable criticisms by specialized press, because of the virtuosity displayed by each one of the musicians on their instruments as well as orchestrations and genial arrangements by Maestro José Luis Cortés. All this work brings about that NG LA BANDA are considered as one of the all-time most important musical groups.

  • Reviews
    •  N.G. La Banda has a punch-power. Milos Miles. Voice, USA.
    • N.G. La Banda the real surprise, triumphing over New Yorker copycats of Cuban music Larry Bimbaum Down Beat, USA
    • N.G. La Banda one of the powerful, virtuous and innovating salsa bands all over the world. Lucy Durán, Gran Fiesta Festival, England
    • N.G. La Banda one of the most prestigious Latin Jazz bands in the world. Charles Blada. Manresa España
    • The best popular Cuban music shines with a magic sophistication : N.G. La Band Spin World Best. Richard Gehr, USA.
    • What interests me is the music by the groups which are being developing nowadays, like N.G. La Banda Ned Sublette, musicologist, composer, producer and historian Afro pop Worldwide. El Nuevo Dia, USA.
    • N.G. La Banda, the one who rules, is the salsa "King" group of present-day Cuba Diari de Sabadell, Sta. Coloma, Canarias, España
    • N.G. La Banda, probably the best salsa orchestra in the Western Hemisphere Ben Tavera King San Antonio Express-News, USA
    • Televisa gathered in its stellar "En la noche" four greats of Afro Antillean muasic Oscar D´León, N.G. La Banda, Willi Colón and Eddy Santiago. México D.F., Excelsior.
    • N.G. La Banda, the most important music group in Cuba. Its main attraction lies on succeeding to renew salsa with great quality. In the same song they are able to switch genre, from Jazz to Rap and Salsa. Lydia García. Tribuna España.
    • N.G. La Banda is the most projection Cuban orchestra. L´Ajuntament, Barcelona, España
    • I was charmed by the concert dynamics and higher technique, that restates them as the Number One in refined and savage Cuban music. Masanika Yull, Critic of Music, Asahi Shimbun, Tokio
    • N.G. La Banda is the first in musical strength, with a virtuous and innovative salsa, they are the most modern sound of Cuba, Lucy Durán, Gran Fiesta Program England.
    • José Luis Cortés and N.G. La Banda, surprising sound miscellany composed by Salsa, Rap and Jazz ingredients, considered as the new sound of Cuban Music. Massimmo Maffei, La Republica, Roma, Italia.
    • N.G. La Banda, the most danced religion, José Luis Cortés, highest priest of Cuban Salsa. Temas Cotidianos magazine. Argentina
    • N.G. La Banda charmed the Caleños. Its metals of terror roared like a music tempest. José Luis Cortés ("El Tosco" / "The Rough") a virtuous of the flute
    • and a genius of the last relay of the century in Cuban popular music, was the responsible. Aymer Álvarez, El País. Cali, Colombia.
    • N.G. La Banda and Rosario Flores make Havana feel like joy in Cubadisco, The show "Entre Bárbara y Changó" ("Between Bárbara and Changó"), could easily be named : "Between Rosario and José Luis Cortés". The show was conceived and conducted by Cortés, who opened the night with an anthologic version of Spain, by Chick Corea, from which only its title and a few triads. Cortés, or "El Tosco", make the concert worthwhile just by this theme, in his Spain he melted yoruba chants, flamenco melodies and Cuban and Jazz rhytms with dreadful arrangements, not lesser than his flute solo, that astonished more than 5,000 people who crowded the great theater. Mauricio Vicent, El Pais. Spain
  • Technical Requirements

    Technical Requirements:

    A minimum of two people is required for equipment and supplies transporting, loading and unloading. These two persons must serve the group from its arrival to its departure.

    Other needs (To be rented by promotion agent)

    • A piano with stand and chair (Roland D 500 or clavinova Yamaka PF 100).
    • A full Drum. (Pearl, Yamaha, Roland ). A chair for the drummer, cymbals and stands.
    • Two keyboard stands.
    • A piano amplifier.
    • A keyboard amplifier.
    • A chair for the bongo (kettle-drum)
    • A transformer 220 - 110 volts
    • Four music scores stand.
    • Two LP conga drums with their stand.

    Supporting Equipments

    • N.G. La Banda have its own sound engineer.
    • Setting Time: Four hours before opening the hall


    • Mixing board for mixing the 1 X 36 channels (Soundcraft, Yamaha. Peavey or similar).
    • 3 effect processors (brass, percussion and the voices).
    • 5 compressors (dbx 160 or 155 or similar) for the basis of drums, voices (3) 


    • Monitor Board for mixing 1 X 24 channels
    • Audio monitor with 6 output (4 as minimum)
    • 9  floor monitors
    • 2 field monitors

    Channel Distribution






    Tin Drums
















    Ton 2




    Ton de Piso






       High Saxo 




    Tenor Saxo


    Tin Drum




    Tin Drum




    Jan Block




    High Conga




    Bass Conga











    Overweight of over luggage instruments travelling with N.G. The Band :

    • 3 X KORG X 3 keyboard with box
    • 2 X congas LP with stand with box
    • 1 X tin drum fixer with its box and stand, gadgets and cowbell.
    • 1 X bongos (kettle-drums) with its box and cowbells
    • 2 or 3 box with promotion materials
    • Approximate Weight : 200 kgs
    • Approximate Packages : 9
    • Maximum Volume : 1 mt3  ( cubic meter )

    Relation between microphones and instruments: 

    • Drums 3 (base drums SKG 112 or  electro voices RG 20 or similar)
    • Congas  2
    • Bongos (Kettle-drums)    1
    • Bongos cowbell     1
    • Piano  Direct from box (2)
    • Keyboard    Direct from box  (3)
    • Trumpets  2
    • Saxophones  2


    NG La Banda has an imaginative show of lights on stage, although, under no circumstances at all, green lights must fall down on the musicians. Besides, brass section must be lightened up from, the stage.

    Other requirements

    There must be an equipment which raises drum (height: 3 m X 2.5 m X 0.50 m) and a podium for brass section (3 m X 2 m X 1 height)

    Mutual Terms with artists and promoter

    A hot meal which may consist on:

    Main plate : chicken or beef with abundant rice and/or soup or dessert for 17 people, together with wines, beers, and other liquors wished by the artists,  that must be served at a standard restaurant.

    Note: In the dressing room must be a bottle of Whisky and a bowl of ice for Maestro José Luis Cortés. All drinks must be served with a minimum of condiments, and neither hot chilli nor highly seasoned sauces must be served.

    IMPORTANT: An agreement with the promoter of the group must be reached in order to settle meal time...

    Dressing Rooms

    Dressing rooms must be close to the stage and to toilets. The formers must be cosy, have their heating system and conditioned to attend 17 persons.

    Access to local must have not any corridor running in front of it.

    Room must have:

    17 chairs, a table big enough to easily accommodate food plates and trays and liquors, 2 big mirrors and 17 clean towels,


    A security system which may not allowed unauthorized personnel must be settled.

    Performing day artists will handle a list with the names of authorized personnel to enter the dressing rooms (for instance: press, radio, TV...)

    Rooms and Lodging

    According to promoter artist’s rooms and lodging must be as follows:

    One matrimonial room, two single and seven doubles with big baths, colour TV, air conditioner (heating system), at a 3 or 4-star hotel, near the centre of the city, breakfast included.

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